Applied to all of Cognitif's KPO and BPO services, we implement a six-step approach to ensure cost-efficiency, quality, and speed of delivery of our business solutions.

1. Analysis | Early in the game, we closely engage clients to accurately discern their needs, assess their process infrastructure, and identify possible solutions.

2. Quote & Approve | Our solutions are often presented as a set of options to give clients more freedom in choosing the best package based on their process requirements, budget, or operational goal. While we make strong recommendations-as true partners should-we give clients the opportunity to decide which solution to finally implement.

3. Mockup | Our teams get to work as soon as our clients identify the solution package they prefer. A conceptual system is developed and analyzed within mockup but client-identical environments.

4. Create | When our mockup solutions generate confidence from our clients, a dedicated team will begin development in earnest.

5. Stage & Test | Our solutions undergo all applicable quality assurance processes under strident conditions to ensure customer satisfaction and further enrich our solutions portfolio.

6. Release | The final step in our methodology is the result of a series of stages that involve close collaboration with our clients where we set mutually binding and beneficial targets. Thus, we envision each release as an episode of success for both parties.