Live Call, Chat, and Email Support Convert On-site inquiries | The Contact Us page on a site is a channel for visitors and customers to initiate a relationship with a company. Customers try to contact the company because they are already interested in a product and may just want some clarification or added information. How these inquires can be converted to a sale is a big factor and our eCommerce teams at Cognitif are trained to assist and convert potential inquiries into sales.

Live Call and Chat support | Toll-free lines are a big help for local customers but international customers rarely spend for overseas calls. Cognitif can establish a chat support system that is ideal for companies with a global market. Most websites now offer chat support at any time of the day. We offer live call and chat support to companies who want a personal touch or connection with the customer. By immediately engaging customers, the call or chat support agent can already gauge if the interaction can be converted into a sale. By knowing what the customer wants in real time, the live call/chat support agent can even apply promotional marketing.

Email Support | For most websites who cater to global customers, email support is as important as live call or chat. Since there are time differences between the company's operating hours and its global customers, email is still convenient when it comes to sending and addressing inquiries. Cognitif can readily set up a team of email specialists to quickly and efficiently handle your customers' concerns. Our teams are also trained to take the interaction a step further by converting it into a lead-generating or even a sale-closing engagement.