Complaint Management and Claims Marketing Complaint Management | Complaint management is important for any business since it can be used as a measure of customer satisfaction. By enabling customers to file complaints, they can be assured that companies value their opinions and their business. These are opportunities for the company to improve performance either service-wise or product-wise.

There are various ways on how a customer may file a complaint and each of these have corresponding Cognitif support groups:

o Live Call - A customer calls the hotline through a dedicated prompt or number and the complaint is recorded and documented by a live call support representative.
o Live Chat - If the company website offers a live chat service, a customer may initiate a complaint and this can be either handled by the chat support representative via chat, or the customer may be routed through other means such as phone, email or complaint form.
o Online Feedback or Complaint form - Most websites now have embedded forms under their Contact Us or Feedback link. These forms usually provide choices for the customer on what type of feedback they are giving - After sales, General Inquiry, Request for Company contact information, or Complaint. Once the form is submitted, a ticket is generated and a copy sent to the customer's email address for documentation purposes.
o Email - The most common method to file a complaint is to write an email since most websites offer a general email address for the company.