Monitoring And Fulfillment Monitoring of Orders | Keeping track of customer orders may be used as a means to promote continued sales for a company. Cognitif offers this service through Customer & Sales support. Our teams will remind your customers that their current stocks are soon to run out, prompting them to re-order. Our teams can contact your customers by email, phone or SMS (depending on the customers' desired channel of contact) to let them know that based on their previous order, their supplies might be running out soon. With this service, your customers will feel that you truly value their business because your company keeps track of their orders as part of your overall operations.

Keeping historical data of customer orders also have other potential advantages. We provide analytics that will help you identify which products are the top sellers, their movement rate, seasonal changes (peak, off-peak) in sales performance, as well as other metrics. This data can be useful tools in marketing and business planning.

Fulfillment and Monitoring of Shipment | Even though eCommerce has been in existence for years, a lot of customers are still wary about online shopping because of uncontrollable situations such as shipping. Once the order leaves the company's property, the customer has no control or knowledge as to what is happening with the order. To address this need, companies have implemented online tracking methods to allow customers to know where their orders are likely located at any given time after purchase. Cognitif positions its support center as an always-on channel for helping buyers locate or identify shipment progress.