Claims Processing Claims Processing and Collection | Many companies are unaware that they spend too much on maintaining a department dedicated to underwriting claims. Cognitif can substantially hedge expenditures by deploying a team to accept reports and applications, conduct investigations, and underwrite customer claims.

Claims processing on undelivered items | For most companies that offer online shopping, lost or undelivered items are not uncommon. These instances are actually crucial to the business and Cognitif can help investigate, resolve and analyze these issues in terms of the following -

Liability - Who is liable if the shipment does not reach the customer? Is there an established agreement with the courier? Are the items or products insured? How will the replacements be repaid?
Loss Cost - How much percentage of sales loss come from undelivered items? Is there a trend on when or which areas are frequently affected? Can these transactions be considered fraudulent in nature?
International taxes and duties - How are these extra fees computed? If the products are held in another country's customs department or bureau, and the customer refuses to pay the fees, how are the products handled? Are they shipped back to the company and how is it handled? If the customer demands a refund, how is it handled?

Knowing the instances why items are undelivered is very important. This can constitute a substantial loss to the company and Cognitif can help put procedures in place to avoid, if not minimize, them. This process is critical since the analysis and investigation should be properly documented to protect both the company and its customers.